We do not allow returns or refunds without prior approval. Please contact us so that we can find the best way to resolve any issues with your order.

Circumstances that would be considered for returns and refunds are:

1. We made a mistake in filling the order or parts are defective upon receipt.

2. Your parts are unopened, unused and uninstalled.

Your window to request refund must be within 3 days after purchase and before delivery. Your ability to approve a return and refund for any reason will expire 14 days After Purchase or 7 days After Delivery, whichever occurs first. Goods requested to be returned after this time will be subject to a 50% restocking fee and goods returned without prior authorization are non-refundable.

If your approved return and refund is through no fault of ours, You will be responsible for shipping costs both ways.

If we have made a mistake in filling the order correctly we will cover all shipping charges by initiating a call tag for the return or if you initiate the shipment using the lowest cost method, you will be refunded for the shipping costs by paypal.

Goods damaged or lost in shipment will be covered by the carriers insurane. We insure all shipments.

Costs related to receipt and replacement of Defective or Incorrect goods will be covered by Parts Shop MAX utilizing the lowest cost return shipping method.

Please view additional terms and conditions by clicking here or the link at the bottom of the page under HELP.

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