1. Will you sponsor me?
I do a lot of events and I can run your sticker. I compete in a series.
Can I get a discount for buying more than one part?
You are in our core customer group as an active & competitive member of the drifting community like ourselves. When we opened this company 10 years ago, we anticipated daily requests for discounts and resolved to adopt a very unusual factory direct one price structure. We do not participate in the MSRP markup system that motivates the necessity for discounts at all other companies. Thanks for considering Parts Shop MAX as a good way to spend your hard earned cash. We always appreciate when we see both our product and our logo on cars just as dedicated to the sport as we are!

2. You have package deals?
No. 99% of people build cars one step at a time. Thats why we don't really do packages unless its critical that parts designed to work together are sold together. There would be 1000 combinations as everyone has a different mix of existing parts and budget. We do appreciate if you buy everything from us but we don't discriminate on the price if you do or don't get all of our stuff.

3. Can I buy it wholesale?
I have a shop (or shop car project) No. We have a direct to end user sales structure. We do appreciate if you still buy the part your customer wants so that you can earn the labor fee and make them happy by giving them what they want. We do understand if this means you have to demonstrate profitable brands on your shop car build.

4. I want to be an exclusive stocking distributor in my country.
A few opportunities still exist to open a direct sales branch of Parts Shop MAX globally, in previously unsupported languages & regions with an $80,000 USD recommended opening order. With investment, parts reach enthusiasts faster and cheaper than shipping from current distribution adding a higher level of servive and elevating the brand. You will need to spend hundreds of thousands to grow a multi million dollar business in the near future. You can not get a factory direct price for testing one set of parts.

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