FRS BRZ GT86 GR86 Toe Rods


~Sold in pairs ~Solid CNC billet aluminum toe arms with copper anodizing ~Removeable Chromoly Taper ~Low torque PTFE lined maintenance free bearings ~Clamping double adjusters~ Allows rear toe adjustment beyond OEM range of adjustment ~ Required if instaling MAX Rear Drop Knuckles
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FRS BRZ GT86 GR86 Toe Rods - Reviews

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Great product


So after realizing I was going to need adjustable toe arms to fix how much I was wanting to bring in the rear camber, I had to wait for these to be made, as they were not released yet. I will say that it was well worth the wait. I got a lot of adjustment out of it and noticed a huge difference with swapping. I love them. I am waiting on purchasing the traction rods at the moment but I am excited to see how the car feels with those also. 

rocketbrzy - Colorado Springs, CO
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